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#BlackLivesMatter but disappointed to see the largest vm group @CityOfVancouver is being lumped together with all others. Has the author fell victim of the “model minority” syndrome or has s/he been watching too much of the “Crazy Rich Asian”? @sarahkirby_yung @melissaDeGenova

@benedictrogers @scoopercooper @cburton001 @tengbiao @MissIvyLi @DEANforDVW Benedict
Can u ask Sam about #ChineseScapegoating in his @globalnews @vancouversun @theprovince
reporting on #VanRe + #moneylaundering?
It's one thing to go after the CCP, another to tar the ethnic Chinese community
@bccla @KasariGovender @CliveCHamilton

Have you heard of the model minority myth? Do you know the meaning of the yellow peril? We'll be launching a series of educational videos in May with the goal to counter disinformation and misinformation that has fueled anti-Asian sentiment. Stay tuned for details. #EndRacism

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