Legal Actions against Global News and Sam Cooper

We are a group of Canadian citizens and permanent residents. We were shocked by Mr. Sam Cooper’s report on April 30th aired on Global News titled “United Front groups in Canada helped Beijing stockpile coronavirus safety supplies”. In the report, Chinese-Canadian humanitarian efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic were falsely portrayed as acts of espionage. In fact, on the same day, before Global News published Mr. Sam Cooper’s piece, there was another report named “Coronavirus outbreak: “How a secretive organization helped China hoard PPE.”

As Canadians of Chinese descent, we believe Mr. Cooper’s reporting in so far as relating to the portrayal of the Chinese-Canadian community is inaccurate, unbalanced, and was written to intentionally cause harm to the character of the Chinese-Canadian community. In fact, it has likely already caused harm to the Asian-Canadian community and the First Nation community in light of the recent increase of physical attacks to members of the community.

In order to right a wrong, we are exploring the feasibility of mounting a class action lawsuit against Mr. Sam Cooper and Global News for the inaccurate and unbalanced reporting that targets a specific minority group. Our aim is to demand an apology from Mr. Sam Cooper and Global News to the Canadian-Chinese community as well as compensation for damages.

For anyone looking to support the case, please join us by donating to our cause in the page.

We do not accept donations from governments or any governmental agencies. All funds will go to legal fees, any leftover funds at the end will be donated to “Maple Leafs Anti-Racism Actions Association”.

我们是加拿大的公民或永久居民。我们对Global News在4月30日刊登的 Sam Cooper先生所写的题为《统战部的一些组织在加拿大帮助北京储存抗新冠病毒设备》的报导的内容大为震惊。

事实上,当天,Global News在刊登Cooper先生的报导之前,还有一篇介绍性的短文。该文标题为《新冠肺炎爆发:秘密组织如何帮助中国储备个人防护用品》。


为了维护华裔加拿大人的良好生存空间,我们拟对Global News和Cooper先生提起集体诉讼,要求他们向加拿大华人社区道歉,并作出赔偿。


本捐款不接受任何来源于政府方的资金。捐款将作为聘请诉讼律师的费用。如果诉讼结束后,捐款仍有盈余,将捐助“Maple Leafs Anti-Racism Actions Association”(枫叶反种族歧视行动协会)。

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