Press release April 6, 2021



APRIL 6, 2021

MLARA, Maple Leafs Anti-Racism Actions Association stands against racism, and always advocate in fighting against discrimination of Asian Canadians in Canada.

We are shocked by the mass shooting incident in Atlanta, US, where 8 people have been killed and among them, 6 people are Asians. We condemn this heartless attack and stand with all Asians, Canadians or Americans who has been worried about their safety because of their ethnicity. Racially motivated hate against a minority ethnic group is never acceptable in our society.

Vancouver police data shows anti-Asian hate crimes rose from a dozen in 2019 to 142 incidents in 2020, a 717 per cent increase, while general hate incidents doubled. As an organization established in Vancouver, B.C. We support the #STOP ASIAN HATE event hosted on March 28, 2021 at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

B.C. Premier John Horgan said on Feb 18, during a media conference. We need to ensure violence against people of color is not just treated as violence but, in fact, hate crimes. Premier Horgan also said, crimes against people because of the colors of their skin must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It is important to do so even there are difficulties in prosecuting hate crimes.

MLARA also noticed that an assault involving anti-Asian slurs caught on camera at Richmond coffee shop recently. Police said they were called to a coffee shop on Moncton Street at 3:15 p.m. on March 29 after receiving reports of an assault involving racial slurs. The investigation is still ongoing and so far, a suspect has been arrested for assault, but not for hate crime. Online video showed the suspect was speaking racist words and the victim was an Asian female.

MLARA and our supporters are stunned by this incident and we must stand up to condemn this racially motivated behaviors. We urge the Richmond RCMP to conduct a full investigation into the incident and consult the Crown to press charges against the suspect, given that solid evidence has been presented. We believe our law enforcement agency will do the right thing to uphold justice and protect all racial minority in our community.

Racism has no place in Canada! We must stand together to fight against discrimination based on the colors of the skin. Canada is built by immigrants, immigrants from all around the world. We must unite as Canadians to build a better Canada for our children, and the generations to come.



我们对美国亚特兰大的大规模枪击案件感到震惊,事件中有8人丧生,其中6人是亚洲人。我们谴责这种无情的袭击,并与所有因种族主义仇恨而担心自己安全的亚裔加拿大人或美国人站在一起。 任何针对少数族裔的出于种族动机的仇恨在我们的社会中是永远不会被接受的。

温哥华警方的数据显示,反亚裔仇恨犯罪从2019年的12起增加到2020年的142起,增加了717%,而一般仇恨事件也增加了一倍。作为卑诗省温哥华市成立的组织我们支持2021年3月28日在温哥华美术馆举办的#STOP ASIAN HATE活动。

卑诗省省长约翰·霍根(John Horgan)在2月18日的一次媒体发布会上说。我们需要确保针对有色人种的暴力不仅被视为暴力,而应该定性为仇恨犯罪。霍根省长还说,犯了仇恨罪的人,必须被依法追究法律责任。即使我们在起诉仇恨犯罪方面有困难,这样做也很重要。

MLARA还注意到,最近在列治文某咖啡店发生的一起涉及反亚裔仇恨罪行的袭击。 列治文皇家骑警表示,他们于3月29日下午3时15分被召唤至蒙克顿街的一家咖啡店。有人报告了受到涉及种族歧视的袭击。 该案件的调查仍在进行中,到目前为止,犯罪嫌疑人已因袭击罪名被捕,但不是因为仇恨罪而被捕。在网上的一些视频显示嫌疑犯讲了种族主义话语,而受害人是一名亚裔女性。