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Press Release

June 8, 2021, Vancouver

The Maple Leaf Anti-Racism Actions Association (MLARA) is beyond horrified and demand justice after the horrific car attack on a Muslim family in London, Ontario who were out for a walk on Sunday evening. The attack left four family members dead and one individual in hospital with serious non-life-threatening injuries. One man was arrested following the attack.

MLARA condemns any forms of racism and discrimination against minority groups in Canada. Racism has no place in Canada!

London Mayor Ed Holder called the attack "an act of mass murder perpetrated against Muslims." Speaking in the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the incident "a terrorist attack."

“Their lives were taken in a brutal, cowardly, and brazen act of violence. This killing was no accident. This was a terrorist attack, motivated by hatred, in the heart of one of our communities.”

MLARA stands in solidarity with our Muslim Canadians brothers and sisters in the fight against racism. MLARA is an independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit organization formed by a group of Canadians and permanent residents in Vancouver, B.C. Our mission is to promote social harmony and fight against racism and hate.